Our Communication

We make sure you and the insured are in constant communication with us from when we receive the work order to returning the report.

  • When we receive work order

    Insured is called twice a day everyday with a message left or job scheduled.

    Twice per day

  • How we keep you in the loop.

    Each action on a work order is communicated back to the client.

    Our job management system keep the insured in the loop with a text message reminder 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

    Kept in the loop

  • What we do if a client needs to reschedule?

    Any rescheduling or cancellation actioned with a phone call to the client and follow up email

    Time flexible

  • Fast report turnaround

    Reports are reviewed and sent same day.

    Report queries are replied to swiftly to not impact cycle times.

    Fast reporting

  • Our management team

    True Blue Plumbing Australia’s management are in constant communication with our clients to receive feedback and work on improving process and claim cycle times.


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